Why do we make underwear from bamboo

The bamboo fiber is an extremely soft and comfortable fiber. It is a pure natural product like cotton, but the structure of the fiber makes it much softer and therefore more comfortable than cotton fibers.

In some contexts, bamboo fabric has been called artificial silk. A somewhat misleading description, because bamboo is a pure natural product, but it shows how soft and comfortable bamboo fabric is.
Bamboo fibers are also both breathable and sweat transporting, so it is an ideal fiber to use for products that we have close to the body.
The bamboo plant is one of the world’s fastest growing wood plants that can grow up to 1 meter a day at the right temperatures. The yield on the bamboo fields is therefore very high.
However, one of the disadvantages of bamboo is that the fabric tends to peel, which means that small lumps of fibers occur, as typically seen on the elbows of a sweater. To counteract this disadvantage, so that the products last even longer, we have chosen to mix bamboo and cotton fibers in a unique combination, so that the peeling is kept to a minimum while retaining the softness.
Bamboo products can generally be washed at high temperatures and dried in a dryer.

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