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3 Reasons Why Your Next Pair of Underwear Should Be Made Of Bamboo (and How it Can Save You Money)

You wear underwear every day – or maybe you don’t. No matter what, underwear is better than no underwear – and bamboo underwear is better than regular cotton underwear. But why exactly?

1. Versatile and highly sustainable

Bamboo underwear has some incredible advantages over regular cotton underwear. One of the main reasons to switch to bamboo underwear is the reduced environmental impact from producing bamboo fabric compared to cotton. It is a self-sufficient crop, and it takes far less water to grow (one third, to be exact). Furthermore, the plants don’t have to be discarded in the process. They also absorb large amounts of CO2 in the process while producing more oxygen than other plants. Sounds good, right? See more in this article about the bamboo crop.

2. As comfortable as it gets

Other than being superior in eco-friendliness, bamboo underwear is super soft to the touch and has a silky-smooth texture compared to cotton. This makes it feel incredible against the skin and simply makes you feel good. Another key feature in this amazing fabric is that it is extraordinarily breathable. It provides ventilation and naturally wicks away moisture as if it was nothing. The fabric contains antimicrobial bio-agents that help reducing bacteria that thrive on clothing. The result is simple; it keeps the material cleaner for a longer time and keeps away smell and odor. Quite amazing if you ask me.

But hold on for a minute, there is even more remarkable features in this fabric to be covered.

They last a darn long time (here’s the money saving part)

We all know that underwear is a necessity no matter what you’re wearing, so naturally anyone would want underwear to last a long time. It can certainly save you a lot of money in the long run. It is no secret that viscose from bamboo is one of the strongest fabrics to wear and it keeps size, shape, and color up to three times longer than traditional cotton – if cared for properly. In addition to this, the bamboo fibers require less dye for coloration. They even preserve their colors for a longer period. All these features are why we say when it comes to underwear that it’s not about brand, but about the feel and functionality of the material.

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