The quality of our socks

At the basics, we make a great deal of producing socks that last. We would like to produce socks that our customers do not throw away after a few times of use because of holes in the heel or toe.

One of the more special machines we have standing in our textile laboratory is a wear resistance tester. The machine works by taking a cut of the sock – typically from the heel or toe – and attaching the fabric piece to the special holder. The holder is fitted with a weight and then it is ready to measure.

The wear resistance machine runs around with the piece of fabric in a motion similar to the motion your foot makes in the shoe and on the floor as you walk.

The machine runs with 2-3,000 movements, after which our laboratory technicians check how much wear has occurred on the socks.

Socks from The-basics typically hold somewhere between 7000 and 8000 movements. How many can your socks hold?

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