Not sure which size to choose?

We have separated our size guide into the following three sections:

  • T-Shirts and Tank Tops
  • Underpants (Boxers and Tights)
  • Socks


You need to take the measure around the chest. The measurement tape needs to make a full circle around the chest – just below the armpits as shown in the picture to the left.

Find correct measure in the chart below and select the size indicated above it.

Our T-Shirts and Tank Tops are made with elasthane, which makes the fabric very flexible. Depending on your preference of fit, you should therefore choose your size accordingly: If you prefer a tight fit to show you chest, then choose a size small than your measure indicates and if you prefer a more flexible and loose fit simply choose a size bigger.

Our flexible fabrics will ensure a great fit and feeling regardless.


Measure around the waist and make sure to measure in the place, where you want the waistband of your underpants to be – exactly like we have shown in the picture to the right.

You must create a full circle with the measurement tape around the waist.

With the measurement in mind you simply choose the correct size in the chart below.


Place your foot on a piece of paper and use a pen to draw two lines. One at the tip of your longest toe and one at the end of your heel.

Move your foot and measure the distance between the two lines. Use that measure to find the right size of socks for you in the chart below here.