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  • White O-Neck Bamboo T-Shirt SideWhite Bamboo O-Neck T-Shirt

    1-Pack Bamboo T-Shirt with Crew Neck – White

    150,00 kr.

    White Bamboo T-shirt with classic round neck

    Fits super well and can be used both as an undershirt and as a T-shirt

    Timeless classic design and fit

  • Black Bamboo V-Neck T-Shirt SideBlack Bamboo V-Neck T-Shirt Front

    1-Pack Bamboo T-Shirt with V-Neck – Black

    150,00 kr.

    A one-piece package of our popular bamboo V-neck T-shirt in black.

    The soft bamboo material feels comfortable to the body.

    Can be used both as a T-shirt and as an undershirt

    Fits perfectly

  • White bamboo v-neck T-shirt sideWhite bamboo V-neck T-shirt front

    1-Pack Bamboo T-Shirt with V-neck – White

    150,00 kr.

    One-piece sample pack on our popular Bamboo T-shirts with V-neck.

    The T-shirt is made of soft bamboo fabric and the size is made to fit like an undershirt. If you want a T-shirt with a looser fit, then you should order a size larger than usual.

    The V-neck cut makes the T-shirt fit perfectly under a shirt.

    Made of 65% bamboo, 30% organic cotton and 5% elastane

  • Sale! 12 balck bamboo ancle socksBlack bamboo ancle sock on foot

    12 pack Bamboo Ancle Socks – Black

    380,00 kr.

    12 pack of our popular and comfortable bamboo socks in ancle length. Double knitted mens socks with bambus on inside and outside.

    Comfortable toe closing and elastic.

    The bamboo fibers are soft and keep your feet dry all day.

  • Sale! 12 grey bamboo socksGrey bamboo sock

    12 Pairs Bamboo Socks – Grey Melange

    380,00 kr.

    12 Pairs of Soft Grey Melange Colored Bamboo Socks for men. Comfortable elastic and toe seam.

    Double knitted so that you can feel the soft bamboo fabric inside and outside the socks.

    Maschine washable and fit for the tumble dryer as well.

  • Sale! 12 Bamboo Invisible SocksBlack invisible bamboo sock on foot

    12 pairs invisible bamboo socks

    380,00 kr.

    Bamboo no-show footies. Wear them all day while keeping a smart look of bare ancles.

    Truly comfortable bamboo invisible socks. Knitted with a comfortable top rib to minimize the socks sliding off your heal.

    A pack of 12 pairs so you don’t need to sort your socks after washing.

  • Sale! 12 black bamboo socksBlack bamboo sock

    12-pack Bamboo socks – Black

    380,00 kr.

    Black Bamboo socks for men by Umbrella Underwear.

    • Keeps you warm in cold conidtions and cool in hot conditions
    • Bamboo fibers have tiny holes, that assure great ventilation for your skin
    • Bamboo fibers don’t have pointy spores, so it’s super soft.
    • You’ll notice the different when you wear them the first time

    80% Bamboo, 18% Nylon, 2% Elastan

  • Sale! 12 navy bamboo socksNavy bamboo sock

    12-pack Bamboo socks – Navy

    380,00 kr.

    12 pack with our most comfortable mens socks. The socks are double knitted with bamboo on the inside and outside.

    Navy color perfect for navy colored suits or jeans alike.

    Comfortable toe closing and elastic rib that leaves you comfortable all day.

    The perfect mens socks.

  • 3 Beige Bamboo Ancle SocksBeige Bamboo Ancle Sock in Shoe

    3 Pair Bamboo Ancle Socks – Beige

    120,00 kr.

    3-pair short bamboo ankle socks in beige color

    Bamboo ankle socks in the best quality

    Keeps your feet fresh all day

    Classic design – soft and comfortable

  • 3 Black Bamboo Ancle SocksBlack bamboo ancle sock on foot

    3 Pair Bamboo Ancle Socks – Black

    120,00 kr.

    3 pairs of short bamboo ankle socks

    Bamboo plinths that end just above the shoe edge

    The bamboo quality lets your feet breathe

    Comfortable toe stitches

    Made of 80% Bamboo, 18% Nylon, 2% Elastane

  • 3 bamboo navy socksNavy bamboo sock

    3 Pair Bamboo Mens Socks – Navy Color

    120,00 kr.

    3 Pairs of our comfortable bamboo socks for men in navy color. Looks great with your jeans or your suit alike.

    Double knitted for more comfort. Truly comfortable mens socks.

    Wash and dry them any way you like.

  • 3 grey bamboo socksGrey bamboo sock

    3 Pair Mens Bamboo Socks – Grey Melange color

    120,00 kr.

    3 pairs of our most popular bamboo socks for men in a grey colored yarn. Really comfortable mens socks.

    80% bamboo viscose, 15% polyamide and 5% elasthane.

    Soft elastic that is not too tight around the leg.

  • 3 Blue Bamboo Ancle SocksBlue Bamboo Ancle Sock in Shoe

    3 Pairs Bamboo Ancle Socks – Jeans Color

    120,00 kr.

    3 pairs of our comfortable Bamboo Ankle Socks

    Blue color that fits perfectly with Jeans.

    No annoying stitches in the toe and double knitting

  • 3 invisible bamboo socksBlack invisible bamboo sock

    3 pairs invisible bamboo socks

    120,00 kr.

    Bamboo footies for men that do not show above the edge of your shoes.

    No-show socks for men with a knitted edge, that minimizes the socks sliding under your heel.

    Maschine washable and dryable.

  • soft top bamboo socks

    3 pairs mens no elastic socks – Black

    150,00 kr.

    3 Pairs of Black Bamboo socks without elastic on top. Extra soft knitted top without elastic applies just enough pressure to keep the sock on the leg without any extra additional compression that could cause discomfort.

    Can be washed at high temperatures and tumble dried.

    Super soft and comfortable.

  • 3 black bamboo socksBlack bamboo sock

    3-pack Bamboo socks – Black

    120,00 kr.

    Bamboo socks from Umbrella Underwear. Knitted from soft bamboo yarn together with a nylon thread, which ensures reinforcement of the toe and heel and with an elastane thread that gives a good stretch and makes the stocking keep the shape washed after washing.

    Unlike most other bamboo socks on the market, these socks are plugged into a double-cylinder knitting machine. This means the socks is more sturdy and comfortable than a sock from a single-cylinder machine.

    The toe is closed automatically with a stitch that does not generate – even in tight shoes.