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5 colored bamboo trunks folded

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Underwear is a Basic Part of Your Every Day Outfit

Basic underwear is something we all need. Why not wear the most comfortable kind, now you have the choice? Here at The-Basics we’re convinced that comfort and quality comes first when it comes to underwear. That’s why we’ve chosen Umbrella Underwear as our supplier. They meet our requirements for high quality, comfortable and durable underwear – and they do it to perfection.

Thoughtfully produced

At The-Basics we only cooperate with manufacturers who share the same visions and thoughts about sustainability and quality. If our products are produced in a durable fashion they simply last longer – and you don’t need to have a bigger consumption of underwear. This benefits not only you, but also our beloved environment. We have many years of fruitful experience in the textile industry. Therefore we know which material compositions that last – and also those that do not.

The-Basics: T-Shirts, Underwear and Socks

Among our products you’ll find a simple yet fulfilling selection of T-Shirts, underwear and socks – these are our Basics. The-Basics is for you who puts quality, durability and comfort first over a particular brand.