Bamboo underwear: Why you´ll love it!

Why bamboo is so great

Bamboo underwear : That’s why you’ll love it. provides you nice and comfortable underwear. 

Why is bamboo so good ? Why should we choose it ? Why is bamboo the better choice ?

First of all, it’s incredibly soft. For many people cotton is the obvious choice for underwear. It is soft, breathable and has good moisture control. But we want to do better ! We think you should try if bamboo is not for you !

The bamboo fibers are not only naturally breathable and moisture absorbing just like cotton, they also allow the moisture to leave the fabric faster than cotton fibers, so the fabric feels dry much quicker. Incidentally the bamboo fibers are lighter and more silky soft than the cotton fibers.

The reasons for choosing bamboo underwear are endless. From being environmentally friendly to being incredibly comfortable to wear. Everyone should try bamboo underwear. Further in the article, we will give you reasons to choose bamboo when you need to buy underwear next time. 

Most people are used to wearing cotton underwear, and may feel that it is breathable. However, that’s only because they have not yet given bamboo underwear a try.  The practical micro-holes in the bamboo fibers help to make the underwear breathable even more. By providing ventilation, the bamboo underwear allows the skin to breathe. 

Allergy-friendly – Many people with sensitive skin have problems finding clothes that do not give them allergic reactions. Bamboo is gentler than cotton and synthetic fabrics. Therefore, you should not experience annoying itching and scratching, with bamboo your skin is protected. 

Soft and comfortable – Feel comfortable all day long, whether  you need to sleep, exercise or are at work. Uncomfortable underwear that fits poorly is the worst, especially when the material makes the skin itch. Bamboo does the opposite. As bamboo dries quickly, you feel comfortable even after a workout!

You stay dry – Bamboo fibers have small holes that allow the fabric to remain airy, allow absorption and cause evaporation of moisture to happen quickly.

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